About Us

Final Case Wines is a wine promotion curator located in the world renowned Napa Valley. We are a  group wine country specialist in our own right curating fine wines for wine lovers.   We bargain for the best price and then pass the savings onto you.  We strive to keep our costs low because every dollar we save is a dollar you save.

We came together to bring you great wines at phenomenal prices in addition to giving back to our customers! Hence, “Don’t miss the final case!” If you’re lucky enough to catch one of our money saving wine deals you might have a chance at receiving $120 credit towards future purchases.

For every "Today's Final Case" wine promotion each bottle of the Final Case sold includes a $10 FCW credit. For anyone who’s so determined or may be so blessed to get the Final Case loots the whole $120 for themselves.  However many bottles of the Final Case you might end up with would be a wine win win for anyone.  Good Luck & Cheers!