Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is basically a black and white clarification regarding the information provided to us. Final Case collects your information when our services are being used. When using any of the services provided by us, you must agree to all the conditions that privacy policy has listed. For example, the pictures were taken through Final Case or uploaded on FInal Case, we will have the permission to manipulate, collect, modify and use that. Information is sent to us whenever our services are being consumed. We have the right to the usage, storage, transfer, and disclosure of the information provided to us.

Irrespective of where you reside, if our services are being used there you agree to give the authorization of whatever information you supplied to us to be further transferred to the countries from which Final Case is being operated.

  1. When using the services provided by FInal Case on default settings, it will display your account as public which can be viewed by all. If you wish to keep your wine experience private then you can change the settings of your account's privacy by simply changing the audience to "Only me"

  2. We own all the rights to the photos taken or uploaded to Final Case. We can use, manipulate the photo in any manner.

  3. No posts are done on the social accounts, on your behalf, linked to Final Case like Facebook, Twitter etc without the consent of the user. Any sharing done on the social accounts are only due to the request by the user.

  4. On using Final Case, you will subscribe to our newsletter which will result in geographically altered emails regarding the discounted offers and coupons. This service can be unsubscribed from any time just by either following the instructions provided by Final Case on our website or can be done by the email service provider.

Usage and Collection of the Information

Final Case uses and collects your information to measure and improve the services over time.

Upon registration, the information to be collected is quite basic, that is your name, username, email address and your password. Some of this information will be publicly displayed like your name and username.

Our notifications can be unsubscribed from your account settings. You can also follow the instructions provided by FInal Case on our website. We are granted the right to use your contact information to help others find you FInal Case account including client applications and third-party services.

You can control if people can find your account by your email address through the "Account Settings". When you email us, we may keep a record of your name, message email address to assist you according to your request. If you have connected any other account to your Final Case account in order to cross-post. There might be an exchange of profile or registration information that will be authorized by you. It enables cross-posting.

The services provided by Final Case i.e Wine ratings, Taste reviews, Followers, Following etc are all designed to help you share your experience with the world. According to default settings, all the information that you will share on the Final case regarding wines will be shared publicly. Privacy can be controlled according to the user's preference. You can privatize all that you want to not be seen by the public. All your posts can be seen unless they are deleted by the owner of the account that posted it. Your public user profile information will be broadly accessible. Your basic information can be searched through the search engines so can be the posts that are publicly posted. Everything should be considered very carefully before posting anything publicly.

By sharing your location, your experience with us will be modified according to it. We take into consideration of the stores nearby you and provide you with the information regarding the discounts and offers that the stores provide when it comes to wines.

Cookies are small data files that are transferred to your hard disk to improve the services provided by the websites. We use the cookie technology for the very same purpose. We do not require cookies for every service that is provided to you like searching and looking at public user profiles. Final Case uses both persistent and session cookies to not just improve our services but to also observe and understand how you interact with our services, we also use cookies to analyze and monitor the aggregate or average usage by our users and for keeping a record of web traffic routing on our services. Many browsers accept cookies automatically, that can be changed in the browser's settings. You can reject cookies or set up your browser to ask before accepting cookies. Many websites including Final Case will not be able to provide you with the best services if cookies are disabled.

Log Data is stored in Final Case to measure, customize, view and improve its services accordingly. Log Data contains all the information regarding your IP address, device information, operating system, browser type, cookies information, referring web pages, pages visited, Location, Mobile carrier and application IDs and search terms. Log data is received when the user interacts with our services by simply signing in or interacting with our email notifications. We delete any common ID identifiers such as your IP address, email address etc or the whole log data within 12-18 months

Final Case uses various third-party services to improve our output and our services that are provided to you. These third party service providers like Google Analytics help in understanding all of our services. These third-party services help us in hosting various activities like blogs and wikis. In order to do that they require basic information which may include your browser information, IP address, and cookies.

While checking out from Final Case, we share your information i.e address, email address etc with the licensed sellers that Final Case has partnered with to provide you with the wine of your choice. After placing an order, Final Case identifies the specific seller to hand over the order to who further looks into it and provides what you desire.

Disclosure and sharing of Information

A service provider that we engage to perform functions that help us in providing our services properly require your personal and public information. The third parties to whom private data is sent are subjected to confidentiality obligations and the parties are made to agree to the fact that the personal information provided can and will only be used for the services of Final Case. Our Privacy policy regarding this is quite consistent and is followed thoroughly.

We have the authority to disclose or privatize any sort of information that we believe can be useful or harmful according to laws, regulations or legal request regarding the safety, frauds security or technical issues. Nothing in this privacy policy is intended to limit any legal defenses that the user may have regarding any third party or government's request to disclose your information

Modifying or editing your Personal Information

If you have registered to use the services provided by Final Case, you will have the authority over the information that you provide us which can be edited in the "Account Settings" option.

Age restriction

Our services are not for people or children under the age of 13. It is not our responsibility if someone with that age group has made an account on our website. If you as a parent find your child's account on this website immediately get in touch with us. We do not support accounts of underage persons. We take action and delete the information sent to us and terminate the account after confirming if the user is under 13.

We work in accordance with U.S.- E.U., and U.S.- Swiss Safe Harbour Privacy Principles of notice, choice, transfer etc. To learn more about it check the U.S. Department of Commerce website.

Revision of Privacy Policy

This policy could be revised and edited. The updated policy will not just be uploaded on the website of Final Case but the registered users will also be notified in case if any changes occur.