Brilliant Brunch Wine Pairings You’ve Got to Taste

Apr 22nd 2018

Planning on heading out for brunch this weekend? True that you could do your old favorite standbys like Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, and not that we’re shaming those, wine adds a bit more elegance to the meal. Plus, it pairs so well with certain foods that you’re missing out on that extra indulgence by not ordering wine.

The key is not to just order the house stash. You’ve got to pair your wine properly with your brunch choices so that you can fully savor and enjoy the flavor sensations on your palate. Here are some of the most popular brunch dishes you’ll find with proper wine pairings to accompany them

1. Pancakes

Sweet, fluffy and covered in plenty of maple syrup, you’ll want something slightly effervescent and fruity to sip with it. That’s why a nice Italian Prosecco will be your best match. That is, unless you’re doing something fruitier like blueberry pancakes or even lemon ricotta. For those, try a German Riesling which will round out all the flavors for pancake perfection.

2. Eggs, Omelets & Frittatas

One of the most challenging brunch dishes to pair with wine is that of any egg-based dish. Anything that is oaky or heavy with tannins is a big no. Instead, choose a sparkling wine. It’s light and refreshing, and won’t overpower the egg.

3. French Toast

Sweet indulgent French toast can only get better when topped with delightful berry compote and whipped cream. For a bold yet perfectly complementary contrast of flavors, order a Pinot Noir. The oaky flavor is sublime in this setting.

4. Quiche & Greens

If you choose to behave with your food choices and eat something healthful like a salad with kale and apples, or a bit more indulgent with a quiche, the Austrian gem of Grüner Veltliner is an exquisite choice. It’s refreshing with a hint of stone fruit flavor delivered via a medium body. It’s just the right balance you need with these brunch staples.

5. Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is rich with that salty, smoky flavor which is why something with a bit of lemon is a stellar pairing. Dry Hungarian Furmint is a nice balance, made with the same grapes that are most often used to make Tokaji Aszu dessert wines.

6. Huevos Rancheros

In a fiesta-type of mood? This Mexican brunch classic brimming with spicy chili peppers needs a juicy red berry flavor to go with it and mellow the heat. Order chilled Beaujolais for a cooling, plum-flavored burst of fruitiness to enjoy with this dish.

5. Burger

And finally, if you’re over the whole brunch thing and tend to gravitate more toward the lunch offerings on the menu, a burger is a great choice. But don’t make the mistake of ordering something heavy with it. Go light with a nice rosé and you’ll kick yourself for ever ordering a deep red with your burgers before this moment.

It’s almost time for brunch. Are you ready to pair your wine like a pro with your favorite brunch selections?