Perfect Wines for Summer

Apr 28th 2019

Summer is almost here, and it’s about time. Let’s leave the coat behind and get ready to fire up the grill.

It’s true, hot summer days call for an ice-cold beer, but wine is a great option too if you know what to look for. In the spirit of making all outdoor dinners and parties memorable wine moments, we want to share with you the best wine styles for summer and explain to you why they work so well.

Crisp Whites

Chances are you enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day mostly because, well, it’s cold. Temperature plays a huge role in our outdoor fun. This is why we suggest you find young white wines and serve them at fridge temp.

Citrusy wines like a Sauvignon Blanc, a peachy Pinot Grigio, a herb-scented Gruner Veltliner or an aromatic dry Riesling; they all work incredibly well satisfying your thirst and keeping the party going, notably when served really cold. Chardonnay will work too, just look for the words “un-oaked” on the label.

Ditch the wines from regions that specialize in full-bodied, oaky whites like Napa or Burgundy. Instead, source Italian whites, New Zealand Sauv Blanc or Coastal Chilean, inexpensive bottles. We want simple, straightforward, fresh whites; luckily, they’re quite easy to spot.

Light Reds

Yes, it’s ok to drink red wine during the summer, but not all reds are created equal. Some red wines are just too rich and warming for the season. Full-bodied reds like Cabernet or Bold Italian reds are better for frosty nights by the fire.

Served slightly chilled, light bodied reds like the ones made with Pinot Noir are the best answer for steamy, sticky weather conditions. The young Beaujolais French wine will do the trick too.

Here’s a tip, if you want to enjoy a full-bodied red wine regardless of the hot weather, pair it with smoky grilled meat; only then will they make sense.


Rosé is not only ever-fashionable, but it’s quite refreshing too. A bottle of rosé brings the same crisp freshness, and thirst-quenching abilities of white wine but comes with lovely red berry scents. It looks better on Instagram too.

Pink wines are very versatile on the table and sure are crowd-pleasers. Look for a fancy French rosé from Provence, but any rosé will be fine; it’s hard to go wrong with rosé, and it will never break the bank.

Light and cool is what you’re looking for in summer wines. It might take some intensive experimentation to find your favorite pool-side wine, but hey, that’s the kind of hard work you want to be doing under the unforgiving sun.