Twenty Common Wine Terms

Dec 17th 2018

Acidic: This is commonly found in young, unwooded white wines. It refers to the sour, tart taste.Aeration: To release all the great flavors of a wine, it is extremely beneficial to allow air into the … read more

Wine Varietals Serving Temperatures

Sep 29th 2018

When it comes to serving wine, to ensure you get the optimal flavor experience, it’s important to serve the wine at just the right temperature.The problem, however, comes in knowing which temperature … read more

How To Taste Wine Like A Professional

Sep 27th 2018

Wine is bottled poetry and there are hundreds and thousands of stories online about how to taste wine like a professional. You don't need to be a Sommelier or Wine Director to taste wine like a pro. A … read more

A Guide To Tannins

Sep 19th 2018

If you have been visiting your favorite place to enjoy good wine, you must have come across the word "tannins". While knowing what it means is not an absolute necessity, but it can surely help you und … read more

​Useful Tips On Reading Wine Labels

Sep 16th 2018

Have ever felt frustrated when going through the wine list at a restaurant? What do professionals know that you don't? Here is a sneak peek into how to read wine labels. Labeled By Grape Variet … read more