Cool Climate & Warm Climate Wine Expectations

Jul 27th 2019

The terms Cool climate and warm climate is often used by rarely truly understood. The climate of a region can dramatically impact the aromas and structure of a wine.By understanding what they mean and … read more

Perfect Wines for Summer

Apr 29th 2019

Summer is almost here, and it’s about time. Let’s leave the coat behind and get ready to fire up the grill.It’s true, hot summer days call for an ice-cold beer, but wine is a great option too if you k … read more

Grapes & Wines of Italy

Jan 28th 2019

Italy is a country with 20 different wine regions. Each region has a number of different indigenous grapes that make some familiar wine. For example in the north east part of Italy is the Veneto wi … read more

Twenty Common Wine Terms

Dec 18th 2018

Acidic: This is commonly found in young, unwooded white wines. It refers to the sour, tart taste.Aeration: To release all the great flavors of a wine, it is extremely beneficial to allow air into the … read more

Wine Varietals Serving Temperatures

Sep 29th 2018

When it comes to serving wine, to ensure you get the optimal flavor experience, it’s important to serve the wine at just the right temperature.The problem, however, comes in knowing which temperature … read more